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    Coro Account Planning

    Streamline Planning and Drive Growth With Coro’s Account Planning Software

    Say goodbye to cumbersome account planning activities. Upgrade from tracking past actions to planning and coordinating across winning plays with software that turbocharges your CRM platform and ignites growth.

    Promote Strategic Account Planning and Scale Your Sales

    Eliminate tedious work in excel, powerpoint, or other unstructured account planning tools. Adopt a digital solution that makes coordination easy across teams, provides visibility and automatically syncs with your CRM.

    Automate Account Planning Save Time and Improve Accuracy.

    Do away with tedious account planning processes that only create a stagnant, finite view of your opportunities. Streamline account planning through a digital solution that’s designed to scale and introduce your sales teams to account planning best practices.

    Operationalize Sales Plays Empower Frontline Sales Teams

    Use MoneyMap insights to assign recommended sales plays to specific accounts in your CRM. Provide sales teams with step-by-step guidance, clear followup actions, and attainable benchmarks for success.

    Explore MoneyMap
    Identify Profitable Strategies Refine Sales Activities Based on Real-World Outcomes

    Inform your commercial strategy and customer approach by highlighting which sales actions and initiatives are most effective over time, in specific territories, or across certain customer segments.

    Drive Measurable Change Focus Your Team on Actions, Not Processes

    Build and deploy sales plays to simulate real customer demand, then track and celebrate success. Drive the right behaviors and reinforce the right management cadence with Coro’ Account Plannings pre-built workflows.

    Centralize Sales Data Create a Single Source of Account Planning Truth

    Synchronize your client information and sales data in a single cloud-based location that natively integrates with your CRM system, then report and share insights in seconds through embedded reporting features.

    Scale Strategic Partnerships Coordinate with sales engineering and account executives.

    Develop profitable partner relationships and alliances that allow your organization to navigate a range of sales plays, whether they’re sell-through or sell-to.

    Explore Partner Sonar

    Explore Coro’s Most Powerful Account Planning Features

    Discover capabilities that empower sales reps, managers, and leaders through curated, easy-to-use dashboards and account planning tools.

    Accelerate Account Planning With Coro

    Coro Account Planning gives your sales team the data-driven inputs they need to capture profitable market growth.

    20-40 %
    increase in sales
    2 x
    increase in win rate
    2 x
    increase in pipeline
    44 %
    growth in top accounts

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    Streamline, Launch, and Track Winning Sales Plays

    Request a demo of Coro Account Planning today to see how our innovative tool can transform your account planning process for the better.

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