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    Upcoming Innovations

    On the Cutting Edge of Sales Analytics Software

    Coro is always exploring new innovations in go-to-market data and software tools. Not only are we innovating on the existing tools in our portfolio, but we have others currently in development and early deployment with Bain & Co. customers.

    Coming Soon: Profit Cube

    Take a Deep Dive into the Specific Drivers of Profitability

    Profit Cube enables organizations to analyze profitability by individual product line, region, activity, or even across specific customer accounts. Currently in development and exclusive use with Bain & Co. customers, this application can be deployed in an organization’s ERP or CRM, updated automatically, and custom-tailored to enable an array of analyses across critical dimensions and business operations.

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    Assess Profitability Across Parameters

    Pair multidimensional profitability analyses with actionable takeaways that help turn insights into impactful changes and increased profitability.

    Customers and Products

    Prioritize the most profitable end markets and customers, identify the contracts or relationships driving losses, and understand where pricing or scope of services need to be adjusted.

    Logistics and Cost Management

    Optimize supply chain and resourcing allocations to identify your top-performing suppliers and pave the way for margin expansion.

    Salesforce Effectiveness

    Adopt efficient coverage designs, aim sales plays at the most profitable end markets, and design account plans to improve profitability.

    Pricing Optimization

    Discontinue inefficient pricing practices and policies, and enforce and strengthen terms and conditions.

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    Learn more about the products and solutions we’ve already deployed across our client base.

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    Request a demo today to discover how Coro’s product suite can help your organization unlock high-value insights, harmonize operations, and realize profitable growth.

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