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    A Smarter Way to Analyze Profit

    Improve your profitability with ProfitCube

    ProfitCube is a tool to understand customer, product, and geography-level profitability. It harnesses and visualizes data from disparate sources, making the driving forces behind profitability transparent, unlocking strategic and tactical opportunities—and prompting action.

    ProfitCube guides decisions about customers and products, logistics and cost management, salesforce and distribution effectiveness, and pricing optimization.

    Customer and Products Prioritize the most profitable end markets and customers, and optimize product assortment.
    Logistics and Cost Optimization Optimize supply chain and resourcing allocations.
    Salesforce Effectiveness Adopt efficient coverage designs based on profitability and aim sales plays at most profitable end markets.
    Pricing Optimization Discontinue unprofitable pricing practices and policies, and enforce and strengthen terms and conditions.

    Understand your true profitability with ProfitCube

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    Streamline your economic profit analysis

    Why invest in ProfitCube?

    ProfitCube helps you identify and evaluate where exactly economic value is created or eroded by: 

    • Uncovering growth opportunities and connecting them to targeted actions
    • Giving insight into strategic implications that are critical to inform where to play
    • Build your internal capability to assess economic profitability for decision making with ProfitCube.
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    The ProfitCube Process

    ProfitCube combines data from across your organization to generate intuitive visualizations that highlight business performance. We collect data from across your organization, synthesize it and define cost allocation methodology, and finally generate insights -- all while maintaining stakeholder engagement and building internal capability. 

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    A Full Suite of Go-to-Market Tools. One Strategic Partner.

    From segmentation and prioritization recommendations for your customers, prospects and channel partners, to coverage model recommendations and sales play orchestration, Coro's tried-and-tested digital tools are designed to advance your go-to-market strategy and promote alignment from first touch to follow through.


    Tap into our analytics to align the most attractive customers and prospects to focus on.

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    Partner Sonar

    Inform partner-led growth strategies and find new partners across the spectrum of channel capabilities.

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    Clear out the noise and friction caused by fragmented hierarchies or incorrect CRM data with EverClean

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    Ready to Unlock 20%+ EBITDA growth?

    Request a demo today to discover how Coro’s ProfitCube can help your organization unlock high-value insights, harmonize operations, and realize profitable growth.