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    Prioritize Sales Opportunities by Product Line and Prospect with MoneyMap

    Make data-driven sales decisions across segmentation, streamline account mapping and territory design, and focus the right sales plays on the most promising accounts. Coro’s MoneyMap tool helps you prioritize and focus on the right accounts and prospects, so you can use your sales resources in the most efficient manner.




    Find the biggest opportunities, decide where to deploy resources, and activate your frontline growth.

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    Align Sales Efforts Around Your Most Profitable Opportunities

    Each account is unique, which means you shouldn’t take a blanket approach to targeting, engagement, and growth across your entire pipeline. MoneyMap gives you granular visibility into sales performance, addressable spend, and propensity to buy so you can create smart go-to-market strategies that empower your sales teams.

    Enable Steady Growth Find Untapped Pockets of Opportunity

    Too often, account coverage is mainly informed by existing customers and past coverage as opposed to actual account potential. Let detailed data inform how you deploy resources and activate frontline teams.

    Balance Team Capacity Optimize Sales Capacity and Coverage

    Hit sales targets without overextending your team or routing leads ineffectively. Use reliable, trusted data to set quotas based on addressable spend and balance territories or accounts across reps.

    Improve Targeting Efforts Deliberately Target Sales Plays to the Most Relevant Accounts

    Build your sales plays around the highest value accounts with the highest likelihood to convert. Up-to-date market data keeps your team focused on the most relevant accounts.

    Expand Partner Sales Raise Relevant Opportunities to Executives and Partners

    Use MoneyMap to surface new opportunities to key partners during account planning discussions. Integrate MoneyMap with Partner Sonar to share target account information with preferred channel partners.

    Develop Trusted Data Collaborate with Sales to Produce Highly Accurate Results

    Build models collaboratively alongside MoneyMap’s expert consulting teams, sales leaders, and your front line to create results that your sales reps believe in.

    Explore Propensity Modeling

    We’re getting a roughly 70% willingness to take a call from the initial list of prospects from MoneyMap. We have some expectation management to do with our sales team, but this is a massive step up from the basic web search approach we were doing before.

    Head of Sales Ops | Industrials Co.

    Learn How Our Customers Use MoneyMap

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    Explore MoneyMap’s Most Powerful Features

    Data-driven tools designed to help you upsell, cross-sell, and capture new business across complex customer segments.

    Data That Fuels Your Sales Opportunities

    MoneyMap puts sophisticated market insights at your fingertips, so you can capture profitable market growth.

    2-3 x
    increase in growth rate
    30-40 %
    pipeline growth
    1.5-2 x
    increase in sales ROI
    10-20 %
    decrease in sales cost

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    Start Maximizing the Impact of Your Sales Motions

    Request a demo of MoneyMap today to see how unrivaled insights and a pulse on the market can help you unlock the next stage of go-to-market growth.

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